The Winter Warmer Inter-Member Contest

ham radio contests

Love em or hate em, contesting is part of this hobby of ours, and can be entered by everyone. Now, not everyone has the perfect aerial, radio or location like some of the big guns out there, and so the Winter Warmer contest was born. This contest has fairly strict rules regarding how the points are allocated, and as such "levels" the playing field. The idea and to a certain extent is based upon a similar contest operated by our friends down in Gloucester.

WHEN: 1st December to 31st March, both dates inclusive. (Note 1)
WHERE: On ONE HF band of your choice.
The experimental frequencies available to us are not included.
MODE: Any mode(s) allowed under the terms of your amateur radio licence.
AERIALS: No restriction – use the best available to you.
SECTION A Restricted only by the terms of your amateur radio licence.
SECTION B No more than 10 watts peak envelope power (measured at the RF output of the transmitter).
SCORING: Each DXCC (entity) worked, irrespective of the mode/power/aerial in use is worth one point. Contacts must be made by you, using your own callsign, from your main station address. (Notes 1, 2, 3, and 4).
REPORTING: Please report progress to G0WXJ, but emailing your log in Cabrillo format. The success of this contest depends on you maintaining a good log, and ensuring you present it in time. (Note 5)
Note 1: If you are licensed to use more than one callsign a country may be claimed once only for scoring purposes irrespective of the callsign in use.
Note 2: Accurate exchange of callsigns and signal reports should be considered the minimum requirement for claiming a valid contact. We recommend that you use a contest logging system
Note 3: Contacts should be made directly on a one-to-one basis, but you may use external assistance in the form of DX cluster etc. The QSO must only be made by Radio to Radio and no internet linking is allowed.
Note 4: If in doubt regarding a particular prefix, please seek advice.
Note 5: We hope that you will be self-monitoring and claim only for countries that you know to be valid. Additional optional information such as rigs, aerials and choice DX would be interesting to others and will be included together with scores in a regularly updated table on the club notice board. The success of this activity will depend on people being prepared to let other club members know what they are doing.