Before WRAA was WADARC

WRAA hasn't always been here, many years before we began there was an original club in Worcester, the Worcester and District Amateur Radio Club WADARC. It wa started many years ago, we don't have the exact year but consensus suggests it was around 1936. the club then ran up until World War 2, when all licenses were revoked by the Government. Later in around 1949 the club looks as though it started again as the original club callsign G3GJL was issued. Unfortunately, the club disbanded in around 1990 and that was that.

It has taken quite a bit of investigative work to find information, but a couple of original members of WADARC have been really helpful in getting hold of old photos and information for us, but we would love to add a little more if possible.


Some of you out there may have heard us on the air using G8JC as our callsign. This was the callsign of Jack Casey, one of the WADARC members in the 60's, and we were fortunate enough that OFCOM allowed us to take over the operation fo the callsign in 2015, after much hard work from G3TQD (Thanks for that)



This is just one of the photos that has been found in the archive, showing Jack operating we think from home. It's a real shame us scruffy lot don't dress up to go on the air nowadays :-) From what we understand, Jack along with others began the club. Its difficult to determine just where it all began, but we know that they had an operational shack in Droitwich at the rear of a coach operators yard on the main Worcester road. They also used to meet in the Pheasant pub in New Street Worcester, but this was some years later.


In 2006, during a chat between a bunch of locals formed the idea of resurrecting a club in Worcester again, and in October of that year an informal meeting was arranged to be held at the Anchor Inn, Diglis. It was assumed that a handful of people would tune up, but what a pleasant surprise, there were about 30 interested people.

Following this initial meeting, 3rd Worcester Scout HQ was selected as an ideal location. Many of the founding members had close ties with the Scout Group and so it made sense. There was a brief move to Hallow Scout HQ, but the group soon returned to its home on Rainbow Hill, where we have been ever since.