Here at WRAA we are privileged to have some of the most up to date equipment available, and also have access to those members who like to build and maintain their own. Where possible, we offer surplus equipment to those members less fortunate to own their own, and also offer access to a "shack" for those who are unable to operate from their homes.

Our shack is in a newly refurbished part of the HQ building, much improved over the damp and dreary room it was. Thanks especially to the 3rd Worcester Scout Group and the lottery funding they managed to receive to improve the office and kitchen facilities.

VHF, UHF and HF Equipment:


The main HF transceiver is a Yaesu FT2000D, offering the latest in digital filtering and 200watts output to boot.


When we need a bit more Umph, then the old Ameritron AL811X gets turned on

TS 2000E

For VHF/UHF we operate using the Kenwood TS2000E, it is predominantly used for VHF multimode work, but is occasionally used for satellite communications too.


The size of the HQ means we have to be a little conservative about our aerials, but we have done our best to make sure that we have everything we need in place.


The main mast carries our multiband Hexbeam antenna, capable of giving us a presence between 20 meters and 6 meters. In the background and to the right, you can just about make out our 40 meter inverted V wire doublet antenna and to the left you can just make out the collinear vertical for the GB3WU repeater.

sat ant

When we want to talk to spacemen, or just via satellites, the crossed yagi's get pressed into service for 2m and 70cm

nanobridge m 1

A recent addition actually has nothing to do with Amateur radio as it happens, but it does mean that the HQ now has a super-fast broadband internet connection thanks to one of our local members.