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Worcester Radio Amateurs Association are always happy to accept new members, be they licensed or just interested in radio. We pride ourselves on catering for every need, training, electronic construction, operating, help, special events and more besides. Our current subscription fee is £20 per year, but we don't want your money straight away! You can come along to 3 meetings for free to see if you like the look of us and the hobby at large. That's not a bad deal really, and there aren't many clubs like ours where the subscription is 38p per week.

Many of our members were not licensed before joining us, so don't think that is a prerequisite of becoming a member. If you get your license during one of our courses, we don't even insist that you join us. So you see, we are flexible and not regimented, we're here to have fun and enjoy the hobby, not tie things up in red tape.

So, have a good look around this website, and you'll see that we don't let the grass grow around our feet, we are always up to something.


Shack Access

We have our very own "shack" where you can operate on air, and don't worry.... even if you don't have your license yet, you can operate under the supervision of our licensed members using the various club call-signs: M0ZOO or G3GJL or our favourite one G8JC.

We are really lucky to have a shack here, the take off is fantastic, and that coupled with modern equipment means we can operate with ease. The aerial we use for HF is small but perfectly formed, Hexbeam, and often we make contact with far flung places using it.

As the shack is located on top of a hill, our VHF and UHF capabilities are fantastic too. In fact the GB3WU 70cm repeater lives here as the coverage is so good.


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