Worcester Radio Amateurs Association Constitution

Dated: 23-11-07
Version: 1.2

1. Name
The association shall be known as the Worcester Radio Amateurs Association or WRAA.

2. Aims
The aims of the association shall be to further the interests of its members in all aspects of amateur radio, electronics and communication and directly associated activities. The association shall provide training and instruction to members of the community and developrelationships with other organisations within the community.

3. Membership
Membership shall be open, subject to the discretion of the Committee, to all persons interested in the aims of the association.
(a) Full members. Full members must be 18 years of age or over or must hold the permission of any competent authority to install and operate an amateur radio station.
(b) Junior Member. Junior Members must be under 18 years of age and over 8 years of age.
(c) Student members. Student members must be over 8 years of age and be participating in training and instruction courses run by the association.
(d) Senior Members. Senior Members, must be over 60 years of age
(e) Honorary members. Honorary Life Membership may be granted to any person, who, in the opinion of the Committee and other members, has rendered outstanding service to the association and the community, either directly or indirectly. Such membership shall carry the rights of full membership but shall be free from subscriptions.
(f) Guests. Members may invite guests to meetings. No guest may attend more than three meetings in each year, if the guest wishes to continue they will be asked to pay the required membership subscription. All members shall abide by the constitution of the association. The Committee shall have power to expel any member whose conduct, in the opinion of at least three-quarters of the full Committee, renders that person unfit to be a member of the association. No Member shall be expelled without first having been given an opportunity to appear before the committee.

4. Subscriptions
(a) The annual subscriptions for membership shall be set by the Committee at the AGM.
(b) All subscriptions shall be due and payable at the beginning of the financial year. Members in arrears have no voting rights.
(c) The financial year shall run from 1 April to 31 March
(d) A member shall have deemed to have resigned from the association, if, by the following 31 March the subscription has not been paid.
(e) The Committee shall have the power to waive or reduce subscriptions in special circumstances for a period not exceeding...1 year at a time.

5. Finance
All money received by the association shall be promptly deposited in the association s bank account. Withdrawals require the signature of the association s Treasurer and one other nominated officer of the association.

6. Membership of the Association
The Association s affairs shall be administered by a Committee elected at the Annual General Meeting. The Committee, in whom the Association s property shall be vested, shall consist of:

(a) A Chairperson who is responsible for:
(i) Presiding over committee meetings, general meetings and extraordinary meetings
(ii) To ensure that the club constitution is upheld
(iii) Ensuring steady and stable and consistent communication is provided to other members and members of the committee.
(iv) Ensuring that all club activities are suitable and do not detract from policy or the club s mission statement.
(v) Continuously improve the club and its activities together with other officers to ensure long term stability.
(vi) Communicate either directly or indirectly with other associations, clubs and bodies to further support the club activities and ideas.
(vii) Represent the club at various functions and activities.

(b) A Secretary who will be responsible for:
(i) keeping the minutes of all meetings of the association and compiling the agenda from items supplied by members.
(ii) ensuring that all correspondence both letter form and electronic is correctly handled.
(iii) maintaining a master roll of members and honorary members.
(iv) maintaining a register of association equipment.
(v) Sharing his/her workload as they or the chairperson see fit
(vi) Ensuring that all members are kept informed of events, activities and meeting dates via the club notice board

(c) A Treasurer, who will be responsible for:
(i) keeping the association s accounts.
(ii) advising the Committee on all financial matters.
(iii) preparing the accounts for audit and presenting them at the AGM.
(d) Ordinary members, who will be responsible for activities as directed by the committee

7. Operation of the Committee
The affairs of the committee shall be administered in a way which causes little or do disruption to the operation of the club as far as is reasonably practicable. All business carried out by the committee shall not be placed in the public domain or shared with the membership unless agreed by all of the committee members present at the time of each meeting. Failure by any committee member to honour this clause may place them in contravention of item 8 of the current constitution.

8. Inappropriate behaviour
Any Inappropriate behaviour of any member of the WRAA may result in their ejection from the club. Inappropriate behaviour by any member may cause potential damage to the integrity of the club, and so they will be ejected from the membership, pending investigation. Ejected members may be reinstated after any investigation has taken place upon the agreement of all committee members present. Ejected members may appeal any decision made by the committee in writing within 30 days of the ejection, upon such time the committee will reconvene to make a final decision; this decision will remain final and may not be appealed.

9. Votes of No Confidence
In the event of blatant or damaging misconduct, misappropriation or mismanagement by a member of the Committee:
(a) A special committee meeting shall be called and a motion of no confidence proposed.
(b) The motion proposing the vote of no confidence shall have the signatures of two members of the committee. If the motion is against a Chairperson, it must also have the signatures of two members of the current or most recent Membership.
(c) A vote of no confidence shall be deemed successful if supported by a two-thirds majority of those committee members present and voting.

10. Committee standing orders
(a) The quorum for the Committee shall be at least half of the membership. In the absence of a quorum, business may be dealt with but any decisions taken only become valid after ratification at the next meeting at which a quorum  exists.
(b) Committee meetings may be called by the Chairperson, the Secretary or any vote.

11. By-Elections
If any post should fall vacant, the committee may, with a unanimous vote only, appoint another officer.

12. Annual General Meeting
(a) The Annual General Meeting shall normally be held on the last Tuesday of March each year
(b). At least 21 days notice shall be given to each member by the secretary.
(c) The quorum for the meeting shall beat least 10% of the membership
(d) The agenda for the meeting shall be:
(i) Apologies for absence
(ii) Minutes of the previous AGM
(iii) Chairperson s report
(iv) Secretary s report.
(v) Treasurer s report including auditors report. Vote for acceptance of audit.
(vi) Election of the new Committee
(vii) Election of auditors
(viii) Other business
(e) Items (i) to (v) shall be chaired by the out-going Chairperson, item (vi) by an acting Chairperson who is not standing for election to office, and the remaining business by the newly elected Chairperson.
(f) Nominations for Committee members will only be valid if confirmed by the nominee at the meeting or previously in writing.
(g) Items to be raised by members under other business must be notified to the Secretary not less than 21 days before the AGM.

13. Extraordinary General Meeting
(a) Extraordinary General Meetings may be called by the Committee or not less than 25% of members of the Association, the date of the meeting being the earliest convenient as decided by the Committee. At least 10 days notice in writing must be given to the Secretary, who in turn shall give members at least 14 days notice in writing of the agenda. No other business that is not contained in the EGM agenda may be transacted at the EGM.
(b) The quorum for the EGM shall be at least 25% of the membership.

14. Amendments to the constitution
The constitution may be amended only at an EGM called for that purpose.

15. Winding up of the Association
(a) The decision to wind up the Association may be taken only at an EGM.
(b) The funds of the association shall, after the sale of all assets and the payment of all outstanding debts, be disposed of as directed by members at the final EGM to other local Amateur Radio related groups and/or charities. Equipment and other club resources may also be donated to other like minded organisations as seen fit by the committee.
(c) Completion of the winding up will be confirmed in a public place as agreed at the EGM, by the clubs elected auditors.

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