Chairman & Lead Instructor

Pete g0wxj

Pete Badham G0WXJ is the current Chairman of the WRAA, he is also the Lead Instructor for the group.

Pete is one of the founder members of the group and has been involved with Amateur Radio for over 25 years, although only licensed in 1996 he has been an active participant in the hobby. Pete's main interests are HF operating, be it rare station hunting or just a chat, you will hear him on the air complaining that his aerials aren't big enough.

Pete is passionate about the hobby and this passion rubs off on the people he meets, he is dedicated to making the WRAA as successful as it can be and is always looking for opportunities to promote the hobby and the club.


Treasurer & Examination Secretary

Leslie M3WRZ



Leslie M3WRZ or "Wicked, Randy & Zany" as she is often known, who is also Pete's wife is a relative newcomer to the hobby, but she is keen to explore all avenues relating to the hobby. Leslie's job makes her the best at dealing with the goups financial needs, as she deals with accounts on a daily basis anyway, so its a bit of a busmans holiday really.

Leslie enjoys the social side of the hobby, the meet and greet side of things really, she especially enjoys the activities relating to young people and is always keen to get involved with JOTA and TDOTA. You'll hear Leslie on the air, normally local VHF as she still has to cut her teeth on HF, assuming Pete allows her near the radio that is.


Rich M0UVA

Rich M0UVA became Secretary in May 2011, but has been a member for quite some time and a valuable asset to the club.

Rich's radio activities vary, but can be heard mobile on HF & VHF when he is out and about. He also likes to operate from his camper van from various places around the UK and Europe and can be often heard operating from the Top of Clee Hill near where he lives